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    Because I know what our common objective is and I just can’t care about the subtle differences.

    Even when those ‘subtle differences’ result in being backstabbed and sold out and the entire cause being lost against a fascist enemy, great. Subtle little differences, like “We need to purge the anarchists and Trots” should be met with “We need complete and total cooperation with the people who want to purge us 😊”

    The true meaning of a united front, huh?

  • I only clarify because in a situation where every able body is fighting you’ve already lost, there needs to be logistics, maintaining utilities, growing food, etc

    Conscription is actually a way to ensure that. In the Ukrainian War, as well as at least the US during WW2 (I’m less familiar with other countries’ conscription systems during WW2), conscription is used to prioritize those with skills which are not economically vital during wartime - during WW2, even, some skilled workers weren’t even allowed to volunteer, much less be conscripted, for military service.

  • The original trilogy was hero’s journey stuff, mythology for a modern age. Episode 6 was the weakest, though.

    The prequel trilogy was an envisioned world - for all of its writing weaknesses, it felt like a living, breathing universe.

    The sequel trilogy was lifeless. 7 was an okay start, and I actually quite enjoyed it despite being derivative, but 8 was muddled trash (how many times did Poe commit mutiny while they were doing the slow-mo chase?) and 9 was dreadfully mediocre.

    And this is coming from someone who loves many of the spin-off media on their own merits, many even more than I love the prequel trilogy.

    It’s not nostalgia. Some of us just genuinely dislike how shit the sequel trilogy was, and how bad they did our boy John Boyega after episode 7.